CD Baby's CEO Tracy Maddux to be Keynote Speaker at Indie Week Canada 2020 Online

CD Baby's CEO, Tracy Maddux, has been revealed as the keynote speaker for Indie Week Canada 2020 Online, which is running from Nov. 10-14.

CD Baby is a leader in the distribution of music for DIY and indie artists making CEO Tracy Maddux the perfect fit as a keynote speaker at Indie Week Canada 2020 Online. Under his leadership, CD Baby has focused on launching new services that enable artists to manage their music careers, make money from their music, and connect with fans. He’s also taken the company outside of the U.S., localizing its platforms in Spanish and Portuguese, and extended the team outside the U.S. with a presence in 13 countries worldwide, including Canada.

For its first-ever online edition, Indie Week says it will focus on creating quality connections, meaningful business, and extensive networking opportunities in order to provide music industry representatives and artists with the tools and professional development they need to enhance their careers. By taking advantage of the online space provided by Indie Week, attendees will be able to directly connect with delegates and other industry professionals through various tools, events, and sessions. Partners and delegates will have the opportunity to directly contact artists and other industry representatives to facilitate their own private 1-on-1 meetings.

Until Oct. 5, a Super Super Earlybird Delegate Pass is available for $34 (regular price is $54) and the Super Earlybird Attendee Pass is available for $19 (regular $39).

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