Exclusive Premier: Hear Sun K's new album, 'Bleeding Hearts', before its release

[Photo of Sun K by Laura Lynn Petrick]

Critically-acclaimed Toronto folk-rock band Sun K have shared their new album, Bleeding Hearts, exclusively with Canadian Musician ahead of the album's release this Friday.

Bleeding Hearts, Sun K’s sophomore record, contains the whole spectrum of emotion in its 12 songs. The title of the album alone is a hat-tip toward the fraught, yet hyperbolic, emotional experiences one can endure.

"We are so excited to be releasing this collection of tunes we call Bleeding Hearts this week," the band tells Canadian Musician. "Bleeding Hearts, in a lot of ways is a reflection of our lives - the ups, the downs and all the hills between - so take a peak inside our minds, have a listen and we hope you enjoy it!

“My bleeding heart, it spoke too soon,” Montano croons on the album’s title track, gripping your own with a sense of relatability.


Montano, along with Stuart Retallack on horns and keys, Kevin Michael Butler on strings and guitar, Scott Tiller on drums, and Gil Paul on bass, fill out the Toronto group. Montano says that the band’s name is rooted in rock’s history - pulling further back to blues and jazz, where rock was really born - paying homage to artists likes Sun Ra. “I wanted something in the history of rock ‘n’ roll, but had more of a reach back to the artists—the artists that I loved—that influenced the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.”

Bleeding Hearts has the tone of a ‘60s rock record pulled in for a modern audience. Montano sounds like a long-lost Beatle, tucked away in the edges of music history. Sun K’s sound blends the strident particulars of rock music with the gentle and sharp purview of folk in surprising places. They bring to mind bands that have circulated the city for some time, such The Wooden Sky or Wildlife, weaving in and out of the fuzzy, grey area of rock music’s boundaries, but doing so much more loudly.

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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