SOCAN Launches New Music Services Division Called Dataclef

SOCAN has announced the launch of Dataclef, the new services arm of the music rights organization. The move follows a number of large moves by SOCAN in recent years, including the acquisitions of Audiam, MediaNet, Royalty Guru, and SODRAC as well as its expansion into Los Angeles, Seattle and New York

According to SOCAN, Dataclef has created an authoritative global music services platform designed to empower customers to thrive in the modern music industry with fully-customizable service suites that simplify complex back-office and technology tasks. Relying on SOCAN's data management expertise, Dataclef has developed a comprehensive music database from more than 200 world territories.

"Dataclef is a milestone for SOCAN and the music industry on a global level," says SOCAN Group CEO Eric Baptiste. "For the first time ever, organizations can go to one place for state-of-the-art license administration, worldwide reporting, and intelligent royalty tracking and delivery, improving their efficiency and bottom-line to return superior results."

According to SOCAN, with "Dataclef Suite," collection organizations and rights holders can unlock maximum back office ROI with flexible and infinitely scalable multi-territory, multi-right licensing and royalty tools.

Other products and services will be announced in time, as Dataclef solutions meet the high-scale needs of global music use across the digital supply chain. Dataclef offers tools to increase efficiency, lower costs, manage liability, improve user experience, and increase payment volume and accuracy to rights holders.

SOCAN's services team, led by Dataclef Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales Janice Scott, will operate at arm's length from SOCAN's core business teams and on segregated systems in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality with all clients.

Dataclef says it actively invests in forward-looking technologies that allow customers to benefit from more accurate, transparent data and payments, and leverage high-tech, intelligent business tools for music use. Dataclef is a bilingual organization (English and French), and will be expanding language support to Spanish and Arabic in the coming months.

"SOCAN has asserted a position in leading the global transformation of music rights," Scott adds. "Dataclef is the latest strategic move forward for the SOCAN Group, resulting from years of investment in technology development and acquisition, integration of complementary leading-edge companies and, most importantly, the world's best collective team of industry experts."

Dataclef adds IPRS to roster of clients
Dataclef is now providing back office services through the Dataclef Suite of products and services to facilitate rights management for IPRS – Indian Performing Rights Society Limited, the country's only registered copyright society administering musical works. This includes administering mandates, processing all types of music usage data, and working with IPRS to deliver royalty revenue to its members in the region. Dataclef's data management and cleansing systems will ensure more accuracy and timely payments.

"IPRS is excited to work with Dataclef to leverage their data and systems for maximized efficiency and royalty delivery to our members," said Javed Akhtar Chairman of IPRS. "Dataclef's revolutionary systems and database are unlike anything we've had access to before. We anticipate many years of mutual success working with their impressive technology and team."

SOCAN announced in May 2018 that the company had struck a services deal with the Dutch Caribbean performing rights organization, Ducapro, which will now be served by Dataclef.

Brand identity
The Dataclef brand identity is symbolic of Dataclef's music specialization and commitment to financially empower music stakeholders of all sizes. Our logo depicts forward motion with an arrow comprising the five lines of a musical staff, and colors transitioning from red to black.

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