SOCAN Extends Relationship with Nielsen Music to Gain Deeper Insights, Grow Royalty Payments

Nielsen, a global media measurement and data analytics company, and Canada's performing rights organization SOCAN, have extended their relationship to maintain Nielsen Music as the exclusive provider of detailed radio airplay data from more than 500 Canada stations. As part of this deal, Nielsen has increased coverage by adding 200 new stations in 137 new markets to its BDSradio product. The increased monitoring will provide deeper insights into popular Christian formats for the first time and include additional French language stations in Canada.

With Nielsen BDSradio data, SOCAN members can access more detailed reporting of ISRC numbers across a wide range of platforms for more accurate and timely data for the distribution of royalties. In addition to monitoring radio airplays, online streaming, and music consumer behavior, Nielsen compiles data from nearly 40,000 retail outlets globally to help record labels, publishers, artists, artist management, and performance rights organizations understand what albums, singles, and music videos people are buying and where they’re buying them.

“As Canada’s largest rights management organization representing songwriters, composers, and music publishers, it is our responsibility to make sure that our nearly 160,000 members are compensated for their work,” says SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste. “By extending our relationship with Nielsen Music and the scope of coverage, we are reinforcing our commitment to timely and accurate royalty payments in Canada.”

For more than two decades, Nielsen’s sales tools have been a key resource for companies that want to understand music sales, overall market performance, and artist activity. Nielsen’s data serves as a major source for the Billboard charts and is widely cited as the standard for music industry measurement. On a weekly basis, Nielsen collects point-of-sale (POS) data in 19 countries across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Oceania. In the U.S. and Canada, physical and digital titles from venues, mass merchants, retail chains, independent record stores, and digital download providers can be viewed by UPC, ISRC, artist, market, retailer type, or genre.

“With coverage of more than 500 stations in Canada, BDSradio now provides airplay for the long tail, including Christian and additional French language stations, to help artists get paid,” said Paul Shaver, VP of Entertainment for Nielsen Music. “We are honoured to continue our 12-plus year relationship with SOCAN, one of the leading and most respected music rights organizations in the world. Renewing our partnership with SOCAN demonstrates the power of Nielsen Music as the trusted and reliable data source for the music industry.”

Nielsen is the music industry’s trusted source for understanding how fans interact with music across physical and digital platforms and services. From airplay, streaming and digital downloads to physical purchases and live events, Nielsen’s data-driven music products and world-class research provides deep insights into trends impacting the industry and offers music business leaders and artists with a complete picture of market performance.

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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