'Music Pro Summit,' a New Music & Tech Online Conference, Announced for September

Darryl Hurs and his team at Indie Week have announced the launch of a new online music and tech conference called the Music Pro Summit, which is taking place from Sept. 8-11, 2021.

The Music Pro Summit is meant to examine the intersection of music and new technologies, from NFTs and blockchain to beatmakers and sampling tools. These and other tech innovations have made music monetization and production more interesting and varied than ever. The Music Pro Summit will showcase the next wave of music technology in the process, according to organizers.

Programming will feature keynotes, panels and breakout workshops to make  connections. Musicians and songwriters will learn about the latest software and tools to advance and developers will hear firsthand from creators what needs their products can meet.

“After the success of moving Indie Week online, it just made sense to launch a new event that focuses on the future and new business models. We have to look at the new opportunities that are being presented, and I believe that this is an amazing time for businesses and artists to grow at an explosive rate with an engaged global online audience. Live streaming, gaming, VR, and AI, are going to play an integral role,” says Darryl Hurs, founder of Indie Week and the Pro Music Summit.

Earlybird tickets are currently on sale for $40. Price will go up on July 26.

For more information, as it becomes available go to

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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