Nielsen Music 360 Canada Report: 71% of Canadians Now Stream Music & Radio Still #1 for Discovery

canada-music-360-teen-millennial-streamingIn 2018, 91% of Canadians are listening to music, with teens and Millennials leading the way by listening to music on multiple devices, using new technology and paying for streaming subscriptions. That is according to Nielsen Canada’s recently-released Music 360 Canada report.

According to Nielsen, 98% of music streaming teens and 96% of music streaming Millennials are listening to streaming service playlists compared to 84% of the general population of Canadian music streamers.

With 91% of all Canadians listening to music,Nielsen says teen and millennial consumers are at the leading edge of device-agnostic, mobile-heavy consumption behaviours. According to the report, 93% of teens and 91% of millennials are now streaming music online, compared to 71% of all Canadian music listeners. Teens are more adventurous with new technology, listening to music on an average of 2.6 devices (compared to millennials at 2.3), with smartphones at the top of their list (68% among teens). And they’re also more likely to pay for a streaming subscription, with 34% of both teen and millennial music listeners currently paying.

The report goes on to say that although streaming usage is still on the rise in Canada, radio remains the number-one source for music discovery. Among all Canadian music listeners, 66% discover new music via the radio, while 43% discover via streaming services, and 36% say from friends/ relatives. Terrestrial channels remain king, with 58% of music listeners listening to “over-the-air” radio at least once in a typical week (including 70% of listeners aged 45- 54). Digital radio still has limited penetration, with 7% of listeners tuning into satellite radio in a typical week, and 6% streaming live broadcast radio from an app or website. Part of that relatively low adoption may be due to wireless-carrier contracts: 43% of Canadians said they would be interested in listening to AM/FM radio on a smartphone if it had no impact on their data plan.

Also, in terms of live music, the report indicates that 39% of Canadian attend at least one concert per year, while 22% attend at least one music festival.

For more information from the report or to download a copy, CLICK HERE.

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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