Music Nova Scotia Forms Partnership with Urban Music Advisory Board

As part of an ongoing effort to increase engagement and support for underrepresented music communities and genres, Music Nova Scotia has entered into a new partnership with a collective of local urban genre artists and industry professionals. The Urban Music Advisory Board provides Music Nova Scotia with the necessary advice to better serve the urban music community.

The Urban Music Advisory Board will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, input, and advice on the challenges and opportunities facing urban music artists and entrepreneurs in Nova Scotia via a designated seat on the Music Nova Scotia Board of Directors.

Members of the collective include DJ IV, Kayla Borden, J-Bru, and Shevy Price among others. J-Bru (Jason Bruce) has been appointed to the Music Nova Scotia board of directors to represent the collective.

According to J-Bru, “The Urban Music Advisory Board is crucial for the scene in Nova Scotia. As an urban artist, I’ve struggled to gain relevance in the music community in our province due to lack of resources and also lack of knowledge on my part. As a member of the Urban Music Advisory Board, I hope to use my almost 20 years of experience in the music scene to help out younger urban artists and give them a shot at some great opportunities that just were not there for me when I first started out.”

Music Nova Scotia executive director Scott Long adds, “Music Nova Scotia has been increasing our efforts in advancing urban genres in Nova Scotia but requires partners directly in the community to assist us with this mandate. We recognize the need for more outreach and resources to improve the promotion and advancement of underrepresented music communities and genres and our partnership with the Urban Music Advisory Board is one of many new initiatives to come to improve on this front.”

NSMW 2017 Urban Music Spotlight Conference
Urban music genres will be in the spotlight during the Nova Scotia Music Week 2017 conference. Nova Scotia Music Week 2017 will take place in Truro from November 2-5.

Urban music genres have been on the radars of millions of musicians and fans alike for decades, but despite the massive international commercial reach and success, artists, companies and entrepreneurs in the urban genres are often underrepresented when it comes to institutionalized music industry support and allocation of resources.

The NSMW 2017 spotlight on urban genres is designed to better serve the urban music community and to facilitate the growth of urban music in Nova Scotia. It will give Nova Scotia’s up and coming urban artists the chance to learn about how to run a successful career, access funding, beat production, and network with festival buyers from Croatia, the Netherlands and the United States.

NSMW 2017 Urban Music Spotlight Conference Programming and Guest Delegates
The NSMW 2017 Urban Music Spotlight conference programming will give Nova Scotia’s up and coming urban artists the chance to network with and learn from some of the urban music industry’s key figures including: D.O. Gibson (Northstarr Entertainment), Henca Maduro (Epitome Entertainment/New Skool Rules), DJ Phat Phillie (Fresh Island Festival/Blackout Entertainment), Yusuf Muhammad (A3C Festival), Craig MacMillan (Move Right Music), and Joe Clark (The Feldman Agency).

The NSMW 2017 Urban Music Spotlight program includes, one minute beat pitches to guest industry professionals, live beat production workshops along with panels on FACTOR funding, building a successful hip-hop team, urban music festivals, and a session with the newly formed Music Nova Scotia Urban Music Advisory Board.

For the full NSMW 2017 Urban Music Spotlight conference schedule click HERE.

For the full list of guest delegates click HERE.

Hip-Hop Showcase
On Saturday, November 4th at 7:00 PM Music Nova Scotia presents the Hip-Hop Showcase at the Belly Up BBQ & Grill. Music Nova Scotia Award nominees Thrillah, MAJE, Shevy Price and City Natives will be joined by EPDMC, Mitchell Bailey and Jay Mayne, alongside the night’s hosts DJ IV and J-Bru.

Other urban genre artists performing at NSMW 2017 include Ced Marty & Dave, Cyndi Cain, Jody Upshaw, Keonté Beals, Nicole Ariana, One8tea, Quake Matthews, Reeny Smith, Roxy & The Underground Soul Sound, The Mellotones and the Working Class Band.

For the full NSMW 2017 festival schedule click HERE.

For more information about Nova Scotia Music Week, visit

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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