Music Canada & Major Labels Announce MusiCounts Scholarship in Honour of Deane Cameron

Music Canada, in partnership with the major labels it represents -- Universal, Sony, and Warner -- is launching a new MusiCounts scholarship in honour of Canadian music industry icon Deane Cameron (pictured above), who passed away in May of this year.

The scholarship will give aspiring professionals the connections, skills, and resources needed to jump start their career in music. The Scholarship is intended for young Indigenous professionals who are completing post-secondary studies in the areas of music performance, music business, or music production, and who plan to enter the workforce within the next 12 months.

Cameron was affectionately known as “Captain Canada" for the many hats he wore in the Canadian music industry and his tireless promotion of Canadian artists. He was the president and CEO of Roy Thomson Hall and Massey Hall Corporation, past president of EMI Music Canada, drummer in Harvest with Tom Cochrane, and a Walt Grealis Juno Award recipient. He passed away unexpectedly on . May 16, 2019 at the age of 65.

The announcement was made yesterday at Music Canada’s 2019 Symposium, by Steve Kane, president of Warner Music Canada, and Jeffrey Remedios, president of Universal Music Canada, who both spoke with great emotion about the personal and professional impact that Cameron had on them. Shane Carter, president of Sony Music Canada, would also have been part of the announcement, but was unable to attend due to travel.

Reflecting Deane’s long standing support for Indigenous communities and programs, $15,000 has been pledged to the MusiCounts Scholarship Program, which will ensure that three Indigenous youth will receive a MusiCounts Scholarship in 2020. MusiCounts’ says its new partnership with Indspire will allow MusiCounts to identify Indigenous youth in Canada who will benefit most from this scholarship program.

“Deane Cameron was a titan of our industry – a passionate and proud supporter of Canadian music, a staunch advocate for creators, and an inspirational leader,” says Graham Henderson, president and CEO of Music Canada. “He was a mentor for so many in the music business, and an esteemed member of our board for 24 years. Through the support of our members – Sony, Universal, and Warner – we honour his enduring legacy though this scholarship.”

For full details on MusiCounts’ Scholarship programs, go to

[Photo of Deane Cameron courtesy of Jag Gundu/Massey Hall.]

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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