Music Canada Launches New Non-Profit to Promote Benefits of Music to Society

Music Canada has established a new non-profit called Music Canada Cares, which is an affiliated national organization that will lead Music Canada’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

Music Canada Cares is a dedicated non-profit focused on highlighting the extraordinary benefits of music to society. Music Canada Cares will work to promote equitable access to music education, and strive to improve the connection between Canada’s diverse music industry and communities.

“At Music Canada, we’re of the firm belief that Music Can Help,” says Graham Henderson, president and CEO of Music Canada. “It helps build bridges between people and communities, helps people express and process emotions, and helps drive economic activity locally and nationally. I’m thrilled that with the support of our members, Warner Music Canada, Universal Music Canada, and Sony Music Canada, we’re able to launch Music Canada Cares. This new organization will allow us to focus on boosting the social and developmental benefits music delivers, beginning with a source of so much passion, skill, creativity and fun – music education.”

Music Canada Cares’ first initiative is The Three Rs Music Program. The program will improve the inventory of musical instruments in Ontario’s publicly-funded schools by rescuing gently used instruments, restoring them to a fully functional condition and reuniting them with students across the province.

“We’re thankful for the overwhelming support we’ve received from our outstanding industry and community partners,” says Sarah Hashem, Managing Director of The Three Rs Music Program. “Giving more young people in Ontario the chance to learn an instrument has wide-ranging benefits. Music education can ignite a career path and life-long passion, and equips students with skills that are transferable to various other fields.”

The Three Rs Music Program will serve both English-language and French-language schools, with the goal of improving access to quality music education for youth across Ontario. The program prioritizes providing instruments to Indigenous, at-risk, and underrepresented communities.

To stay updated with the latest news from Music Canada Cares and The Three Rs Music Program, including information on how to apply for and donate instruments, follow Music Canada Cares on Facebook.

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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