'Masks for Music' Launches to Help Artists & Industry Make Money Selling Their Own Branded Pandemic Masks

A new company has launched called Masks For Music, which is offering all global music industry professionals a way to help relieve pandemic financial insecurity, with a new affiliate solution. Masks For Music are now offering three different mask packs for sale online. Any music industry professional, agency, organization, venue, or artist can register to access their own unique link to sell KN95 and adjustable fabric masks to their network. Masks For Music will take care of logistics, delivery, and administration, making it easy for industry workers to sell masks to their network.

Amidst the pandemic, there's a global financial struggle for music industry professionals with the cancellation of all concerts, music festivals, venues and artist tours. Masks For Music says it's offering a solution to help put money back into the music industry, to support the scene. The breakdown of a mask pack sale is: 50% to music industry partner, 10% to charities supporting the music industry, 21% for packaging and production costs, and 19% to cover operational costs. Additionally, an alternative option to this affiliate solution, is for the scene to support one another with a donation to a favourite organization, venue, or music industry professional.

To help launch the campaign, Masks for Music has created a custom Instagram mask filter featuring their flagship mask available. Search 'Masks For Music' in the filter gallery.

"Masks For Music is designed to help alleviate financial pressure being applied to many sectors of the music industry, through an affiliate based business model - similar to that used by millions of online businesses - which means anyone can start generating revenue in a few clicks," the company says. "By enabling the key figures in our scene to support others affected by the crisis, and by reducing the time, energy, and risk-based costs associated with setting up a business for everyone else, we hope that we can channel some revenue into the industry that would otherwise go elsewhere."

"In difficult times, new ideas are what the music industry needs to survive. This project is a win for artists, fans, and society as a whole," say the founders of the Alberta Electronic Music Conference. "We are happy to support any idea that can allow the world to flatten the curve faster, while supporting artists and music brands during this difficult time."

"Wearing a protective mask in public is set to become more widely adopted and potentially a requirement for future music event attendees," adds Greg Marshall of The Association For Electronic Music [AFEM]. "It is great to see the Masks for Music initiative presenting a new potential income opportunity for music artists and those in the industry who wish to engage. As so many people will be purchasing protective masks over the coming months, it makes sense to buy them in a way which supports a specific music club, artist, business or individual who may be in need of financial assistance. Masks For Music's innovative approach presents the opportunity to do just that while also supporting a number of charity options."

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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