#CMPremiere - "Kinetic" by Decklyn Dubs & Sara Simms

"Kinetic" is the dynamic new track from Decklyn Dubs and Sara Simms - a lively collaboration fusing analog and digital sounds for a sonic experience that embodies fresh energy and forward motion.

"Kinetic" is the sixth release on Sara's Simmetry Sounds imprint and will be available across all digital platforms - including Spotify, Beatport, and iTunes - on May 31st; however, we're bringing you an early taste of the track in this exclusive #CMPremiere.

“I've become an obsessive lover of techno and analog synths in recent years," begins Dubs about the song's origins. "I think it was the music in Stranger Things that made me pause and take note that there was some character in the synths that I wasn't able to get out of my digital synths. I started spending a lot of time programming analog synths trying to figure out exactly what qualities and characteristics they have.”

He explains that the lead line in "Kinetic" was made using Native Instruments' Monark synth, a software Minimoog clone processed through the UAD Minimoog filter emulation. "The drive is pushed quite hard at multiple points in the signal chain to generate lots of interesting harmonics," he adds. "These harmonics interact with the filter's resonance to make the squelchy characteristics of the sound appear. There is a little bit of unpredictability, which gives the sonic character a lot of interest."

Simms says she was excited to make new music with one of her close friends. "'Kinetic' has a thread of dub influence that's always going to be in the music Decklyn and I write because we spent time immersed in the early dubstep sound," she shares. "We’ve both decided to focus on creating techno and set out to make a track inspired by Sam Paganini, the Italian DJ and producer. I think it came out better than we expected!"


On the note of collaboration, Dubs adds: "Working with other artists is undervalued, in my opinion. It's great to see how other people approach problems and it forces you to look at things in a new way. When we sit to write, we need to ensure that habit isn't driving everything or we won't produce anything different. It's always the tracks that look at things in a fresh light that end up being the ones we remember and fall in love with."

Decklyn's music career began in the early days of dubstep. He began DJing and producing in Toronto, experimenting with the heavy minimalism that the sound embodied. After years of exploring bass music and pushing genre boundaries in the studio, he has re-emerged to bring his newfound love of techno to the dance floor.

Best known for her techno sets and turntablism skills, Sara makes her mark in music by crafting diverse sets created by multi-deck mixing. She's recently played sets for the Allen and Heath/SpinnZinn live broadcast at ADE and Miami Music Week, at Charivari Detroit, on Detroit's, at Techno Taco Tuesday for MNTRA in Las Vegas, and has toured through the U.K. with Mixed In Key. She's founded her own label, Simmetry Sounds, to release original productions and collaborations. Her ability to push musical boundaries by infusing new sounds into electronic music make her an artist to watch.

"Kinetic" Cover Art by Melle Oh -

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