Indie Week Canada 2018 Announces First Round of Artists

Returning for it’s 16th year from Nov. 6-11, 2018, Indie Week Canada has announced its first round of artists.

Organizers say 2018 will be their biggest year yet with artists from 16 countries around the world, international showcases from Chile, the U.K., and Brazil, Road To Indie Week winners from five competitions, and a lot of exciting new music. There will be more showcases, special events, parties and performances than ever, according to organizers.

The Indie Week Canada 2018 first round of artists in alphabetical order are:

Acid Test (CAN)
Across The Board (CAN)
Aida (CAN)
Alex McCulloch (CAN)
Almond & Olive (USA)
Altre Di B (Italy)
Amanda Sadler (CAN)
Amy Guess (USA)
Andrew George (CAN)
Astha (CAN)
Augusta (Brazil)
Baby Boy Blue (CAN)
Bad Communicators (CAN)
Baltimore (France)
Black Absinthe (CAN)
Brad James (CAN)
Bubaseta (Chile)
Cable Street (CAN)
Carla J. Easton (Scotland)
Chip Greene (USA)
Chris Nuoh (CAN)
Cielo Pordomingo (Mexico)
Civil Wray (CAN)
Cubs Refrain (CAN)
Damien McFly (Italy)
Dan McKinnon (CAN)
Danielle Bourjeaurd (CAN/USA)
David Backshell & The Nighttime Gals (CAN)
Dawn Avenue (Mexico)
Deadhawk FM (CAN)
Decatur (CAN)
Deep Sea Gypsies (CAN)
Dick Rodan (CAN)
Dot Legacy (France)
Double Experience (CAN)
Drop Top Alibi (CAN)
Dylan Hennessy (CAN)
ETNO (Brazil)
Eleven Past One (CAN)
Em Patrick (CAN)
Erick Blu (USA)
Excuses Excuses (CAN)
Ezra Jordan (CAN)
Fade Awaays (CAN)
Ghost Caravan (CAN)
Girlongirl (CAN)
Grizzly Coast (CAN)
Grown Up Avenger Stuff (USA)
Hell County X (CAN)
Hot Lips (CAN)
Iduna (CAN)
Jae Ari (CAN)
Jerry Leger & The Situation (CAN)
Jim Dan Dee (CAN)
Johnny Nocash and the Celtic Outlaws (CAN)
Jonny Starkes (CAN)
Jordan Allen (UK)
Kill No Albatross (CAN)
Lambsbreath (CAN)
Lauren Spike (CAN)
Leanne Pearson (CAN)
Leon of Athens (Greece)
Lousy Riders (CAN)
MOLO (Chile)
Marlon Chaplin (CAN)
Matt York (USA)
Mel Monaco (CAN)
Melanie Frade (CAN)
Mellow Fields (CAN)
Michael Trudgen Music (CAN)
Mikalyn Hay (CAN)
Mike Xavier (USA)
Mind Cinema (Mexico)
Moscow Apartment (CAN)
Mponda Kalunga (CAN)
Mushy Callahan (CAN)
No Big Deal (CAN)
Nomke (Israel)
North Easton (CAN)
Olive b (CAN)
Olivia Frances (USA)
Open Air (CAN)
Overhung (India)
Palm Baker (CAN)
Parasona (CAN)
Phantom Atlantic (CAN)
Pieces Of Molly (New Zealand)
Redwoods (CAN)
Rival Town (CAN)
Ruthless Ones (CAN)
SLIMMY (Portugal)
SUNDAYS (Denmark)
Sabrina Soares (CAN)
Sara Diamond (CAN)
Sarah Siddiqui (CAN)
Scenic Route to Alaska (CAN)
Shanika Maria (CAN)
Single By Sunday (Scotland)
Six at Best (CAN)
Sohayla Smith Band (CAN)
Sophia Danai (CAN)
States & Capitals (USA)
Suzi Kory (CAN)
T. Thomason (CAN)
TRISS (South Korea)
Taija New (USA)
Talltale (CAN)
Teigan McKnight (CAN)
The Black Fever (CAN)
The Brandy Alexanders (CAN)
The Crooked (CAN)
The Electric Dead (CAN)
The Fallaways (CAN)
The Farewell Summer (CAN)
The Feedbacks (CAN)
The Johnnys (CAN)
The Lad Classic (CAN)
The Manvils (CAN)
The Redhill Valleys (CAN)
The Statistics (CAN)
The Tins (USA)
The Vidos (CAN)
The Wolfe (CAN)
Tiny Fighter (Sweden)
Toros (Brazil)
Tokyo Taboo (UK)
Too Soon Monsoon (CAN)
Towers and Trees (CAN)
Trampa (Brazil)
Twin Flames (CAN)
Two Crows for Comfort (CAN)
Two Step Flow (Brazil)
Urvah Khan (CAN)
Vox Somnia (CAN)
Waiting For Henry (USA)
Walking With Bikes (USA)
Wild Planes (USA)
Wildwood (CAN)
Wooly (CAN)
Xania (CAN)
Yeyo (Ukraine)

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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