Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for 'MapleStream,' an All-CanCon Streaming Service to Better Pay Artists

As first reported in May, Rick Levine, the founder of ICEBOX Music and the music business professor at The Trebas Institute,  announced that ICEBOX Music is in the process of creating a new streaming service that aims to feature only Canadian music and prioritize fair payments for artists. To support the launch of this streaming service, called MapleStream, a crowdfunding campaign has been started with the goal of raising $30,000.

The crowdfunding page is found at

Rick Levine writes on MapleStream crowdfunding page:

My belief is that the richness and diversity of Canadian music makes us second to none in the world. Canadian artists create music that spans geographically, musically, in many languages and genres.

We need to celebrate our music, have it easily discovered and identified across the globe.

I am Rick Levine, President of ICEBOX Music and I am starting an ambitious undertaking to create a new, Canadian content ONLY music streaming service. Welcome to "MapleStream, Canada’s “music streaming service.

The driving force of the monetary effort will be an eight week crowdfunding campaign where we are working to raise $30,000 and create the first phase of a fully functional streaming service. This will be a music platform for musicians by musicians!

Through my work as a music industry educator, I realized that some of the great indie talent I discovered would never see the light of day.  Personally, I think this is a travesty.

People ask me why this is important. While there may be no definition of a Canadian song or sound, there are certainly Canadian artists, each with their own singular perspective shaped by the land we live in. Quick question: To your knowledge, how many songs or artists do you know that are mistakenly identified as American? Why is it that it that Canadian artists have to leave Canada to establish their careers?

The platform, known as MapleStream, (Canada’s Music Stream) has two benefits. #1. Distinctly Canadian content and, #2. Better compensation for musicians.

I believe a branded Canadian music platform brings value to all Canadian musicians and allows our music to be marketed and exported globally.

As I mentioned, this is ambitious. But the vision is solid. In today’s music landscape, music fans seek out and discover music on their own. Why not make it easier to unearth Canadian artists?

We are asking all musicians, music lovers, Canada fans, music industry professionals and others to support us by getting the word out, making a donation and choosing to participate.  If you believe in Canada as a world class music creator, please join us. This is where you can help democratize the music process.  We will need champions in each and every province, in every territory, region, city and town.

Along with the Crowdfunding effort, I always want to always be aware of why I started this dream in the first place.

My guiding principal has always been the firm belief that in order to have a successful music career, you MUST learn as much music business knowledge as possible.  Find our more at

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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