#CMPremiere - Union Duke's "Atlas of Love" Live Video

The incomparable Union Duke brought their raucous collision of alt-rock and country twang to Atlantic Canada in early 2019. During a stop at the Lunenberg Seaport All Hands-On Deck Museum & Makerspace on Nova Scotia's south shore, they recorded this inspired performance of "Atlas of Love" live-off-the-floor, which we're happy to share in our latest #CMPremiere.

"We first discovered this space during the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival," the group explains about the unique setting. "It was used as an after-hours hang for musicians and festival workers and we drank and sang into the wee hours of the morning with Willie Stratton, Red Moon Road, and a number of other awesome musicians. So, this past year when we were back touring in the area, we thought it would be the perfect spot to pop in and shoot a few live videos for our new songs."


Union Duke boasts a penchant for bringing crowds to their feet with songs from the heart. Soaring harmonies, driving rhythms, and infectious enthusiasm have seen these five guys from youth to young manhood. With three albums, countless festival stages, and hundreds of thousands of kilometers in the rearview, the Toronto-based band is excited to be touring new music, filming videos, and winning new fans everywhere they go.

In the two years since their last record, Golden Days, Union Duke has been steadily travelling and unravelling across the country, and they’re ready to share the lessons they’ve learned with a slate of new music.

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Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician. He is also a co-host of Canadian Musician Radio and NWC Webinars’ series of free music and entertainment industry webinars.
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