#CMPremiere - Tim Moxam's "Goodbye, Already" Music Video

There’s a comforting sense of familiarity in Tim Moxam’s music, like the feeling of a soft summer breeze after the passing of a cold, grey winter. Considering the time of year, we're extra pleased to be able to share his new video for the song "Goodbye, Already" in this exclusive #CMPremiere. The track comes from Tim's upcoming album Marlborough Hall, available March 29th via Roaring Girl Records.

"'Goodbye, Already' finishes the story I began to tell on my last record: hopelessness in love," Moxam shares about the track. "I wanted it to be first on the record because the rest of the album departs from that theme. This album is about confidence and honesty and coming to terms with who I am, but I felt it was really important to acknowledge and pay tribute to where I'd been before starting the journey to where I am now. It's also one of the grooviest tracks on the record, and I thought it was pretty perfect to start off the record saying goodbye."

Speaking to the video specifically, he adds: "The video was a really fun collaboration with Director Teo Weyman, who joined us in the studio during the recording of the new album. The studio footage from the video features the actual take we used on the record. A year later, we went up to the Weyman family farm to fill out the story of a heartbroken loner, coming to terms with and embracing his circumstances."

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Photo by Jen Squires.

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