#CMPremiere - The Sun Harmonic's "A Heart So Heavy" Live Video

The Sun Harmonic has released a pair of highly-anticipated new singles this spring and we're thrilled to share this exclusive live performance of one of them, the stunning "A Heart So Heavy," in our latest #CMPremiere. The vid was recorded at Toronto's Jam Factory and showcases frontman and principal songwriter Kaleb Hikele's beautiful lyrics and silky vocal phrasing. Joining him for the performance are band mates Dave Skrtich on drums and Ian McLennan on bass.

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"I sat down at the piano and wrote this song in one night, late at night when the house was empty," Hikele tells Canadian Musician about the track. "I was suppose to be at a friend's wedding out of town; I couldn't afford to go at the time and it's a very good thing I stayed back. I wrote this love song for my girlfriend, who was far away from me. It was my way to reach her and feel like I was doing the best I could for us. I sang it to her a few days after and recorded it in a fancy studio session one week later. I usually don't move so quickly with recording a new song, but with this one it felt right."

About the video specifically, he continues: "I had Jam Factory in mind for a video shoot for a while. It's in my neighbourhood in the east end of Toronto and I usually go for a coffee in the cafe downstairs. After two takes, we thought we got something pretty nice, but someone - maybe me - said: 'Let's try one more, just to be safe.' That was the take we used. It just took off and was more magical than the rest. The piano was so big, a century-old wooden monster upright piano. I had to prop myself up on a few wood blocks and towels to reach it. I felt like my five-year-old self playing the piano again. It was a beautiful night. The sun set on us through the big open windows as we played the song into the big empty room."


The Sun Harmonic is the main creative outlet for Canadian musician Kaleb Hikele - an eclectic songwriter and adventurous recording artist who comes from the small town of St. Thomas, ON.

A classical-trained pianist first, folk/rock songsmith second, The Sun Harmonic started performing in 2009 as a solo artist and has since taken the form of a rock band, stripped-down folk trio, and more.

With two new singles, "In The Forest" and "A Heart So Heavy," released in Spring 2019, he's embarking on an Ontario tour in June 2019 to celebrate his first 10 years as The Sun Harmonic.

Catch The Sun Harmonic live on stage in an intimate solo performance on guitar & piano, or live with his folk/rock trio. With his life-spanning catalog of original songs at hand, he sings just like he wears his heart on his sleeve.

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