#CMPremiere - FEATURETTE's "Don't Know Me Without You" Video

Featuring a motorcycle chase with a twist, FEATURETTE's video for their single "Don't Know Me Without You" takes viewers on an introspective look into the duality of the human spirit.

There’s a darkness in all of us that fights with the light, and sometimes it’s the force that wins. This video is a look into that darkness, which pushes and pulls us into situations and circumstance that can be outside our comfort zone, and we're excited to share it with you in our latest #CMPremiere.

"We made the hard choice to film in black and white, as suggested by our director, Ian Macmillan," FEATURETTE's Lexie Jay shares about the video's slick treatment. "At first we were really unsure how this would tie in with our image as most of what we do is really saturated colour, at least as far as our photography and live show, but once we saw the first pass, we were sold. It was stunning."


Jay, a classically-trained vocalist, and drummer Jon Fedorsen started FEATURETTE back in 2013. Like their synth-heavy dream pop contemporaries, Phantogram and Tove Lo, the Toronto-based duo is influenced by the emotionally-charged, heavy-hitting electro-pop sounds coming from Northern Europe and New Zealand.

Elaborating on the video, Jay says: "It really brings out that idea of dark and light, and shows off the different characters we created - or rather, the different sides of the main character. As she works through the conflict facing her, she seems to be chasing this idea of happiness. Over the course of the song, she comes to realize that the happiness she’s chasing, that sense of ease, may not be within a relationship that’s unfolding before her, but perhaps the peace she’s after can be found within. In the end, she looks inward, and it’s really her sense of self she’s been chasing all along: the dark with the light, the good with the bad, all of it, it’s all part of her."

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