#CMPremiere - Danny Olliver's "Let Me Know" Music Video

Equipped with a guitar and a strong sense of self, Regina’s Danny Olliver has made a global name for himself. The wandering troubadour is set to capitalize on that acclaim with the release of his third LP, For All My Former Lovers, in the spring, though in the meantime, we're bringing you a taste of the record in this exclusive #CMPremiere of the video for "Let Me Know."

"'Let Me Know' is about the uncertainty that comes with being young," the artist tells Canadian Musician about his new track. "I think I know less about life now than when I wrote it years ago. I’ve actually never even met the actress in the video, so if she’s reading this, then, “Hi, nice to meet you.'”

Olliver learned guitar on an abandoned three-string Yamaha he saved from being trashed. A quick study, he added three more strings and began writing his own material. Taking inspiration from guitarists like Don Ross and Antoine Dufour, Danny focused on fingerstyle pieces, which gave him an exceptional edge as a musician when he began singing and writing songs and in 2008.


After his first release, Bad Omen Walking, in 2014, Danny spent a year touring around Canada. With fire in his boots and a love for the road, it took him only a year to record and release his self-titled sophomore album, which he toured all over Canada and Europe, playing more than 500 shows since his first release. That includes dates with artists including The Dead South, Colter Wall, and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

Olliver’s troubadour spirit is now truly awake as he prepares to drop For All My Former Lovers, a collection of songs dedicated to heartbreak, love, loss, and youth. Stocked with equal amounts of capricious heartbreak and melodic whimsy, Danny Olliver and award-winning producer Russel Broom have no doubt added a triumph to Olliver’s musical catalogue.

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Andrew King is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician. He is also a co-host of Canadian Musician Radio and NWC Webinars’ series of free music and entertainment industry webinars.
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