#CMPremiere - Astrocolor's "Smell of Acid (feat. Tyler Rowe)"

Astrocolor performs and records live electronic music, fusing digital and organic sounds in a sonic collage that includes everything from funky house to balearic to breakbeat to ambient and more. In this exclusive #CMPremiere, we’re sharing the track “Smell of Acid (feat. Tyler Rowe)” from the third and final EP of their self-titled trilogy, available soon via Softtone/eOne.

Astrocolor III sees the band’s instrumental and electronic roots expand into traditional song formats with feature vocals (“A Light Goes Out feat. Kuba Oms”), acid breakbeat (“Smell of Acid”), alternative house (“Daylight Savings”), and electro-funk (“Break Your Body”). Produced by the band’s own Neil Cooke-Dallin, Astrocolor III is built equally for a big night out in the clubs or a dinner party soundtrack at home.


“Some of my favourite sounds from the late ’90s, such as acid synths and breakbeats, have been resurfacing in modern music,” begins producer/DJ Cooke-Dallin about “Smell of Acid.” “During one of our Astrocolor recording sessions, our drummer laid down a really funky break while our bassist was playing a great loop-style line, and I knew immediately that we were onto something. We dropped the rest of the band into the mix and then I went to town on layering up some bubbling and squelching synths. It wasn’t until we had completed the instrumental arrangement that it dawned on me that an MC throwdown could take the track to higher heights. I pitched it to my friend, Tyler Rowe, we worked through some lyrics together, and then he just knocked it out of the park in what probably amounted to no more than 90 minutes of studio time. It was exactly what I had heard in my mind’s eye.”

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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