Canadian Artists Unite on "Sunday Bloody Sunday" to Raise Awareness to Human Suffering in Sudan

A4A Records has today released a cover of U2's “Sunday Bloody Sunday” recorded by a wide range of Canadian musicians known collectively as Artists for Sudan. The track was recorded in Toronto by producer David Bottrill (Muse, Rush, Peter Gabriel) and Darcy Ataman with vocals contributed by the artists. The song’s release is meant to bring awareness to the human suffering in the Sudan. A full list of participating artists and artist quotes are listed below.

CLICK HERE to download/stream “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”

For 30 years, President Omar Hassan al-Bashir ruled Sudan and created security forces and militia accused of domestic cruelty and war crimes. Last year, a pro-democracy movement led to the military unseating al-Bashir. Rather than handing the rule of the country over to the people, the military began rounding up and killing many of the protesters. Though the protests stopped and negotiations with the military continue, residents are now reporting rapes, executions (including children) and robberies at the hands of the paramilitary while internet and cellphone networks have been shut down – leaving them voiceless and in a state of uncertainty regarding their future.

“When people are deprived of justice, they create their own language of hope and healing,” says Darcy Ataman. “The best way to express this is through music and art. ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday,’ reimagined by some of our greatest Canadian artists, is a protest song for the people in a country that cannot protest for themselves to the wider world. Our hope is that as a tool of advocacy it helps to finish bending the arc of history of Sudan towards the light.”

The artwork for the single is inspired by a photograph that went viral earlier this year, taken during public protests by Sudanese artist Lana Haroun.


“I’m glad to be an inspiration for people all over the world,” said Haroun. “But it’s for the peace revolution, made in Sudan, our home, with love.”

Though not intended as a charity record, all proceeds raised through downloads and streams will be donated to Human Rights Watch.

Confirmed participants include:

Ian D’Sa (Billy Talent)
Ben Kowalewicz (Billy Talent)
Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)
Cone McCaslin (Sum 41)
Neil Sanderson (Three Days Grace)
Matt Walst (Three Days Grace)
Damhnait Doyle
Emmanuel Jal
Serena Ryder
Corey Hart
Ron Hawkins (The Lowest of The Low)
Scott Anderson (Finger Eleven)
Simon Ward (The Strumbellas)
Amy Millan (Stars)
Colin MacDonald (The Trews)
John Angus (The Trews)
Ewan Currie (The Sheepdogs)

[Banner photo by Ashley Senja Photography]

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