B.C. Government Announces $7.5 Million for New Provincial Music Fund

The Government of British Columbia has announced it’s granting $7.5 million in funding for Amplify BC, the province’s new music fund.Amplify BC will support people working in B.C.’s diverse music industry. The new program focuses on four funding areas: Industry Initiatives supporting the development of B.C.’s music industry, including training, skills development, research, and a new focus on young up-and-coming talent; Career Development will focus on emerging and established artists; Live Music will support B.C.-based live music events, creating engagement opportunities for audiences, artists and youth to enhance music tourism throughout B.C.; and Music Company Development will focus on sustainability and building the capacity of B.C.’s music companies.

“We listened carefully to advice from people involved in many facets of the music industry. I’m excited that our government is creating this new funding program designed to give artists and other music professionals the support needed so they can continue to grow,” says Lisa Beare, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. “B.C. has a well-earned reputation for excellence in music production. This fund will help place B.C. talent on the world stage.”

The government says the new fund was created following consultation with Creative BC and discussion with B.C.’s music industry stakeholders. Amplify BC will be administered by Creative BC over the next year.

“This new investment into B.C.’s music industry will build on the momentum to date,” says Prem Gill, CEO of Creative BC. “On behalf of my team, we are excited to continue supporting talent across the province, and we thank B.C.’s music sector for their continued collaboration toward growth and success.”

Amplify BC is meant to shine a light on the many artists and industry professionals working throughout the province to support their growth. The government and Creative BC also believes the fund will benefit B.C. tourism, arts, and creative industries and small business development.

“This exciting announcement shows that our government is committed to the industry,” says Nick Blasko, of Amelia Artists Inc. and Atomique Productions Ltd. “This honours all of the work that has been and continues to be done to ensure B.C.’s music industry is competitive at a national and international level.  It is truly news to celebrate and what better time to do so than at The Juno Awards in Vancouver?”

British Columbia is Canada’s third-largest music centre, with over 285 music companies, 160 recording studios, and more than 200 music festivals across the province. Provincial programs like Amplify BC are meant to attract investments and leverage support for B.C.’s music industry, which contributes approximately $400 million each year to the provincial economy.

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Michael Raine is the Editor-in-Chief at Canadian Musician and Canadian Music Trade magazines. He also hosts the Canadian Musician Podcast.
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